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"Tuning into Your Angels" Course











Do you get confused about which voice is yours? and which is your angels? Do you want to know the names and faces of your guides? Or maybe just curious about the angels in general? Come join Kate in her NEW office for a day of connection and love!

This is the class for you! Kate will be offering a class totally devoted to the angels!!! EVERYONE has angels who are waiting for the command to help you in ANYWAY they can! 

During this class, you will learn the difference between "your voice" and your angels voice. You will also learn about the hierarchy of the angelic realms. 

You will learn who to call on for what. For instance, regarding love, money, and health, you will learn which angel can help you the most!

Throughout the day, Kate will be delivering messages to you from your loved ones and angels as you tap into their energy. Kate will be giving EACH participant a reading at some point through the day to help confirm and validate their connections. Kate will teach you how to utilize angel cards and other channeling modalities to connect with your angels.

This class is LIMITED to 15 participants.  Each Participant will receive information and materials to help reference back to when you need to reconnect and reignite your connections. Kate will provide lunch, snacks and beverages throughout the day. 

This class will change your perspective and life! Kate can't wait to help you channel your angels!!!

March 22nd 10am-3pm

24 Hartford Rd

Salem, CT 06420

$80 per Student

(Includes Lunch and materials)

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