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My husband and I recently went to see Kate for a joint reading.  After becoming only slightly obsessed with her inspiring videos she posts on her Facebook page (such a great de-stressor for a long commute home!), I knew I wanted to sit down with her in the hopes that she could help my husband and I on our journey of healing.  Three years ago we lost our first child, a daughter Sydney, who was a full term stillbirth.  We have taken on many different practices to try to learn to live with our loss and grief, while also honoring our daughter's impact on our lives. We are grounded in the belief that our relationship with Sydney continues even though she is not with us here on Earth.  When we sat down with Kate, we were open to the process and were blown away with the information that we received.  There is no better way to describe her gift, than to simply call her, "A True Healer", medium, yes, the information and details were there, things that could only have come from those that are not with us, but more than a "psychic" or "medium", she gave us information that can really, REALLY bring us to the next stage in our lives so that we can grow into the people we know we want to be, to heal and follow the signs from those that guide us.  It was a very personal and positive experience that both my husband and I are still reflecting on, and I will look forward to sitting with her again in the future.  - Sarah J.


​​My experience with Kate Howe was/is exceptional. I have been around intuitive and spiritually connected people my entire life. Every spiritually gifted person is unique and different - Kate is no exception. She came to my house and she not only picked up on my relatives, my mom & dad in particular, but she helped to piece together time lines and add in the missing pieces to some stories of which I only knew partial details. She spent a lot of time imparting wisdom and lessons from the Angels and from my guides. She also read me and helped me to hone in on my spiritual gifts as well. I saw Kate back in December of 2014 - there are still things resonating with me from that reading. Things that didn't seem to apply then are starting to come together now. The best part of meeting with Kate is that I felt like I have known her all my life. She is such a warm, friendly, fun and loving person, which heightens the accuracy and healing abilities in her gift. My Session with her brings me comfort on days I need encouragement. I highly recommend her to all who need healing from the loss of their loved ones. My heart was full when she left. I am so thankful she continues to generously offer her gift through social media - what you see is what you get and it's invaluable!! Thank you Kate for flourishing and sharing your gift...I feel very blessed we crossed paths.  - Jen M.


 Kate, you are an Angel here on earth. We have only talked a few times but I feel as if we have been friends forever. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have taught me in such a short time. You showed me how to step away from negativity and learn from it. You have taught me how to look at a situation through different eyes. When I contacted you, I was grieving, hurting and frustrated. You immediately brought through both of my parents (without even asking if they were gone) and quickly started to validate so I knew you were true to the bone. It is if you knew what to say to me on that particular day and with the help of my parents and my guides, angels and you, you showed me how to navigate through the fog and see the light for what it truly is. I learned in one session that a “situation” or a negative person cannot define me as long as I don’t let it. If I keep dwelling on it or going back to that place of pain, it will overtake me and you have given me the tools to stand up tall, take a stand and say “no more.” My angles and guides assured me that they are always with me, that my parents are a whisper away and that you, Kate, are always a phone call away. Since we have spoken last, I have found feathers in my path, beautiful gifts sent from my parents and just the feeling that I am loved and cared for even from afar. I never really knew how much you could learn and sense that your deceased loved ones are not gone at all. You might now see them but they are jumping through hoops to get our attention. Kate taught me to open my eyes wider, think with a positive mind and beautiful things will continue to happen in your life. You are a real gem. Glad I found you Kate.  - Kathy H.


Kate and I have been friends for over 25 years. We grew up together and have been best friends through every stage of our lives. I've watched her fine tune her gift into something truly amazing that has touched so many ! With this gift has come the ability to not only communicate messages from loved ones but to help keep people grounded here on earth . I tease she is my spiritual adviser. She always knows just what to say. Whenever I've seen her "do her thing" as I say ... I sit back and think WOW ! She transforms from the person I have known almost my whole life to a women on a mission to give messages of positivity, love and light. I want to share my best friend with the world !!! She is one in a billion, has a heart of gold and true gift ! Love you friend.  - Jess Z.


​Kate is a sensitive soul with an amazing personality. She truly has an ability to connect with angels. Her readings have really illustrated the obvious, as well as the discreet, relationships we have with the other side. It's always a pleasure to work with her. I look forward to my next reading!  - Tamara A.


​I absolute adore Kate! I have been to a couple of readings and this last one made a dream come true. My mom had a lot to say. Everything Kate said was right on. Since I have been in touch with Kate , I have more faith in signs that I see or hear that have to do with my mom and sister. Kate u r truly amazing and I look forward to my next reading.  - Lisa K.


​My Kate you have read me 5 times and each time you have touched and validated each time with things you could not of known and things I wanted to come through. I have no doubt in my mind that you are the real deal and there is life after death and that loved ones are watching over us.  - Carmella S. (Energy Healer)

My sister Karen Kowalccyk took me to your reading Friday and I need to thank you for helping dealing with my loss of my husband. I need to let you know you have so blessed me; I came a skeptic and left with my life and soul lighter. You absolutely nailed it from his debit, dementia and blurred lines, even things you said that I passed off {the C letter is our son Chris}. Since I left my soul and being has felt lighter and will try to work on the big cry my husband told me I needed. When I absorb the blessing you passed to I will see you in Unionville. You my dear are an angel and passed a gift and I will never be able to thank you enough.  - Lynn G. (ER Nurse)

Kate and I connected on Facebook before we even met in person through a friend who had experienced readings from Kate before and spoke very highly of her. Being a psychic intuitive I value validation of my own insights and messages. When I went to a small group reading I entered with only the intention to experience. After some time where she spoke to the other members of the group, she shifted direction and asked me the significance of apples. It took me a moment before I realized it was my aunt. She was reminding me through Kate that I shouldn't forget the apple pie she had always made for Thanksgiving. My aunt had passed away in June. Kate had some other things to say but that one was so clear. As soon as it was over I called my mom and told her about my aunt coming through and that she needs to experience Kate's gift too! I would recommend Kate to anyone seeking connection with loved ones they are struggling to remain connected and in communication with!   - Meghan M. (Holistic Health Coach) 

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