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Mediumship Apprenticeship


Have you ever connected to the other side? Have you questioned your psychic abilities? Have your heard, seen, or felt spirit? If you have answered yes to ANY of these questions, you're already connected!

Kate has been asked and felt guided to create an program where you will graduate as a professional medium! You will be able to use this gift to help serve your community, build your business, or begin your journey as a professional healer.

This course will span over a 8 month period of time. Kate will meet you with TWICE a month. These sessions can be done in person or virtually.

What you will receive:

*Business materials focused on building your practice.

*Oracle cards to help you connect with the other side

*12, 60 min sessions focused on symbolism, ways of connecting, and other modalities of connecting.

*3 Reiki energy sessions unblocking chakra centers needed for more clarity and connection.

*Completed homework assignments done outside of your sessions.

*Access to exclusive videos and emails from Kate to assist you on your journey.

*A log of "practice hours" to be completed by the end of your course.

*A certificate of completion as a Professional Medium

A 50% deposit is required to start this program. The remainder of your payment is due on the 6th session into your program. You can start your program at any time.

For other payment arrangement, contact Kate directly at


"You cant start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one." -

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