Who were you in your Past Life?

Do you ever feel like you have been somewhere before that felt familiar?  or have seen a stranger and swear you have seen their face before? We all have souls that have lived MANY lifetimes. While some souls are young, many souls have gained knowledge and experience from many lives ago. 

Through meditation and connecting with your angels, Kate will help guide you through your past and help you understand the "WHY's" of this life.  Past life regression help  to fully unlock our psychic channels and help us make sens of BOTH our spiritual world, and our physical world.

Kate will share her experiences with her past lives and the situations and people who have shown "back up" in this life. This is going to be a VERY special day with Kate. Not only will you YOU discover how amazing your soul connections are, but Kate will also offer messages from YOUR loved ones through out the day.

After the class is over, join Kate for lunch and feel free to ask any lingering questions or insights that you may have.

***Light refreshments will be served through the day. ***

"You cant start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one." -