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"Lifting the Veil" Spiritual Life Coaching












Spiritual Life Coaching now available with The CT Medium!

Are you ready to make this year, YOUR YEAR?

Kate is now offering Spiritual life coaching sessions via virtual and in office sessions. 

Kate has a unique way of teaching and guiding her clients to their highest self. Kate has been asked several times over the years when she was going to start TEACHING!  Kate is embarking on this amazing opportunity to become YOUR “Spiritual Life Coach”.  This course is tailored to YOUR unique needs and wants. Since no spirit is the same, this course will be different for everyone! Whether this is just for your own curiosity or to serve others, this course will further your soulful existence!


Have you ever wondered where your spiritual path is taking you? Having difficulty understanding the “silver linings” in difficult situations? Kate can help you understand what spirit is trying tell you AND where spirit is guiding you. This is what you will get with this special package.


* 6, 60- minute sessions in her office spanning over the course of 6 months.

* "Spirit Power Pack" of Materials and literature covering chakra clearing including crystals!

*Some angel education to learn who to call on for specific needs/wants.

*Meditations during your sessions AND recorded meditations to do at home. and connect with YOUR spirit guides and loved ones.

*2 decks of oracle cards to help you connect with spirit.

*A reiki session focused on clearing your energy to help you connect on an even deeper level.

*A Certificate of completion of your "Lifting the Veil" course!

Once you purchase your course, Kate will contact you directly to schedule your sessions. Please fill out the questionnaire during purchase. This will help give Kate a better idea of how to tailor this course to suit your needs.


These sessions will help put your intuitive perspective “back on track” and deepen your connection not ONLY with your angels, but will help to transform your spirit from the inside out to be the BEST spiritual being you can be! Once you have completed your sessions, you will have access to a special Facebook Group for those who have graduated from this program with Kate. You will have an INSTANT “Angel Family” to help support you on this journey. Kate will be actively answering questions and offering weekly guidance in this group.

Payment Options Available! Contact Kate for further information.

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