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   Mediumship Readings
A mediumship reading is when you and a medium connect with someone who has departed the earthly life, and is now on the other side through energy and discussion. Through training and attainments, Kate has been able to connect with angels, animals, and human souls. Our loved ones cannot tell us our futures per say, but are willing to give you valuable guidance and advice on the next course of action, if given a difficulty situation.


    What to expect during a reading


When sitting with Kate, you can expect to be given validation through things like times, dates, events, and names of those who have crossed AND for the other side to confirm that they are still VERY present in your everyday life. 
You Will leave your reading feeling lifted, validated, and sometime exhausted from the amount of energy exchange between you and the healer. 
Kate allows you to record your session. You can use the "voice memo" on your smart[phone or bring your own type of recording. Kate encourages recording sessions, as many validations will get lost in the conversation between you and your loved one during this special time. 
Kate believes that your loved ones are only a thought away and they prove this with symbols and signs through out your earthly life. 
If you have any questions regarding a reading, please do not hesitate to ask Kate directly.














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