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Q: What is a medium?


A:  A medium is an individual who has the ability to communicate with loved ones who have moved into spirit. A medium uses the same senses we use here in life, but just in a different way.  A medium "sees' with their third eye, an energy center in between their eye brows. A medium sees images and symbols, very much like a camera taking continuous pictures. A medium "hears" words and phrases inside their head. The energy that comes along with these words and symbols carries a very different energy than their own conscious thoughts.

Q: Should I do anything special to prepare for a reading?


A: The best way to prepare for a reading is to open your heart and come from a place of love. The angels always remind us that those wishing to communicate with spirit sees the love and light within your soul. Make sure to eat a small snack and drink plenty of water before the reading. You are welcome to bring a journal to take notes and to tape the session.


Q: How long is a reading?


A: Typically, an individual reading lasts about an hour. Depending on the session, it may run over  a few minutes. An individual session gives you an opportunity to ask questions about mediumship ​and have a more in-depth understanding of the connection between you and ​your loved one.  

Q: If I had a negative relationship with my loved one in life, will they want to communicate?


A: Once your loved one passed into spirit, all negativity between the both of you vanished. Heaven is filled with light and love. There is no place for negativity in heaven. Your loved one may offer an apology about your life with them here on earth, but they reassure you that they are here to communicate whenever you need them.

Q: Will those who have taken their own lives be able to come through?


A: A grieving family member or friend of someone who has completed suicide can be a very difficult transition for all involved. Many families and friends have many questions about their choice. Your loved one has a soul that will never “die”, so they are able to connect with you no matter what their transition is out of the earthy realm and into heaven. Hearing from someone who has passed on because of their own choices can be very healing for those left here on the earthly realm.

















Kate Howe is a professional medium. The information that comes through during a reading can, in no way, be substituted for professional advice one might seek from a medical doctor or trained professional. Kate is in no way responsible for the actions one may take after a session. Should you find yourself in need of advice from legal counsel, medical help or psychiatric counseling, Kate suggests that you seek such a professional.

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